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Cadence Chiropractic & Sports Performance specializes in helping athletes and active individuals achieve optimal performance in sports, as well as overall body balance for every day activities.

Dr. Ryan McCain, D.C., M.S.

Dr. Ryan McCain graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2006. Following his doctorate degree, he spent an additional two years earning his Master’s degree in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. During this time, Dr. McCain completed his internship at the University of Missouri which has ultimately led to an ongoing professional relationship. For the past five seasons, Dr. McCain has worked directly with the Mizzou football team, delivering chiropractic care and soft tissue work.

Throughout his life Dr. McCain has been heavily involved in athletics. He spent two years playing football on the collegiate level and as a result, understands the extreme physical demands that athletic programs can put on the human body.

Dr. McCain specializes in treating individuals at every activity level that have developed injuries through competition and daily activities. From high-level athletes and weekend warriors, to families that cover the full age spectrum, Dr. McCain’s personal experience, knowledge, and expertise allow him to take an all-encompassing approach to body mechanics while diagnosing the root of every injury rather than only treating the symptomatic problems.

For each patient, Dr. McCain creates a personalized plan that provides an effective solution for long-term preventative care.

Dr. McCain is also happily married and the father of four active children. Athletics is a daily occurrence in their household, from football and baseball for the boys to dance and swimming for the girls; they have a passion for being active and appreciate the added health it affords their family.